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The UiiSii C100 has Dynamic Drivers of 10mm in size. This provides a high frequency range, for very deep tones, as well as refined and well-balanced mids and highs, so you can perfectly distinguish each instrument.
The UiiSii DT200 Hi-Res earphones has no less than 2 drivers per ear! Dual Dynamic drivers of 6mm are guaranteed to exceed your expectations! They are of spectacular quality, both in terms of sound, comfort and build quality.
UiiSii Hi-905 - Hi-Res Dual 9.2mm drivers in-ear earbuds
Uiisii Hi-905 uses the balanced armature frequency dive technology, the dynamic driver is responsible for low and mid frequencies, to double the bass performance, creating a sense of soaring and shocking atmosphere in which people feel immersed.
The UiiSii HM12 are inexpensive gaming earbuds. They can of course also be used as everyday earbuds, but UiiSii has designed them with gaming in mind. This can be seen in the good microphone and the drivers of 13.6mm. They are what you call 'half' in-ear earbuds, and thus offer a special fit.