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MoonDrop ha sido una marca conocida durante años en lo que respecta a monitores internos, auriculares y otros accesorios de audio. Producen productos de excelente calidad a un precio de gama media. Los tapones para los oídos son ideales si quieres tener largas sesiones de escucha sin sentirte incómodo.

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If you like beautiful sound, choose MoonDrop

MoonDrop provides excellent balanced sound. This is very important if you want to buy a good headset or earbuds. The nice thing about this brand is that despite the high quality it is affordable. Their prices are pretty much in the middle class. The metal housings of the earphones are solid and ergonomically shaped. This gives you hours of listening pleasure without your ears hurting. Of course MoonDrop is not the only good brand when it comes to earbuds. The earplugs KZ ZS10 Pro, for example, is also a high quality series in audio technology. At Fixim, we are a provider of several brands of earbuds, such as KZ and Koss. We hope to be able to add MoonDrop to our range as soon as possible, so that every music lover will have even more choice.

Be surprised by everything this brand has to offer

Take a look at the entire range of earplugs of different brands and order your favorite ones. Have you become enthusiastic about MoonDrop? Then we hope to be able to surprise you as soon as possible with a range of products from this brand. Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Then contact us now by calling 088 0282000 or by sending an e-mail to You can also reach us via the live chat at the bottom of the page.