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At Fixim you buy a KZ IEM. IEM stands for in-ear monitor, this is a sound-insulating speaker system for your ears. If you like to listen to music or even make music, an IEM from KZ is a very good choice. Would you like to listen to music undisturbed without the noise of other installations interrupting? Then we would like to help you make the right choice when it comes to in-ear monitors.

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The KZ EDX PRO is known for its sturdy/comfortable build and great price/performance ratio.
The KZ ZSR are a good budget buy from KZ Audio. They have 10mm triple drivers and a unique design.
KZ BA10 - 5BA In-Ear Dynamic Earplugs
The KZ BA10 have 5 Balanced Armatures per side, this comes down to 10 BA, and that's where it gets its name from. This gives great sound with the characteristic KZ Design.

The KZ IEM and in-ear monitors of other brands

At Fixim, we are a provider of various in-ear monitors. For example, the IEM from KZ is not the only one we sell, but you can also buy an in-ear monitor from Shure, for example. KZ's earbuds, including IEM earbuds, are available in different colors. Some models feature a 1DD + 4BA hybrid technology. They also feature a strong cable with A, B or C plug.

Go for perfect, clear sound

If you like clear sound and want to hear as little of the background noise as possible, we recommend the IEM earplugs from KZ. You can order them easily in our webshop. Would you like to order audio accessories in addition, such as a microphone? That is also possible with us. If you have any questions about our product range, you can ask them on 088 0282000 or send an e-mail to